Kent State Student Caitlyn Waitt Went Viral Throwing a Bomb in Her Bikini

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SJ - May 28, 2020

A college student with a rocket arm putting her skills on full display while rocking a bikini.  What's not to like?  It's the perfect formula for going viral.

Kent State student Caitlyn Waitt did just that.  She shared a video of herself, in a bikini, throwing an absolute bomb in her backyard.

The pass is incredible.  It looks like an audition video for the Lingerie Football League, or whatever it's called now.


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She’s got a CANNON. 🚀 @highlighther (via @caitlynwaitt)

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If you look closely the pass was actually overthrown a little, which makes it even more impressive.

I'm not sure if the secret to her rocket arm is putting on a bikini before throwing the pass, but it definitely didn't hurt.  Like I said before, it's the perfect viral video.