Paige Spiranac Admits She Almost Created an OnlyFans Account While Watching “The Match”

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SJ - May 26, 2020

Paige Spiranac, like most sports fans looking for some sort of live sports action, was tuned into "The Match" on Sunday.  During the event she revealed that she almost created an OnlyFans account.

The golf hottie said that she was about to tweet out that if Tom Brady made par on the 7th hole that she would start an account on the adult website.  Brady then made that incredible shot before splitting his pants.

Oh man, we were so close to a Paige Spiranac OnlyFans account.

In her tweet, Paige makes it seem as if she would have had to start the OnlyFans account, and share some adult content, just because she tweeted out that she would get one.

I absolutely agree that she would have had to and I had my credit card in hand ready to go.