Tom Brady Split His Pants Playing Golf This Weekend

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SJ - May 25, 2020

On Sunday Tom Brady teamed up with Phil Mickelson to take on Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods for a charity golf event called "The Match."  The former Patriots quarterback struggled mightily through the first six holes.

Then this happened on the seventh:

An absolutely incredible golf shot, I think.  It's not the type of shot a weekend warrior makes all that often.  The shot didn't come without a cost.

After sinking the shot, Brady embarrassingly split his pants retrieving his ball from the cup.

The game of golf has a way of humbling even the most skilled athletes.  Or so I've heard, I don’t play the game and I normally don't watch it either.

The pandemic and lack of real sports had me venture outside the world of hot Instagram golfers to check out a few holes on Sunday.

It was better than nothing, but I would have much rather been watching a random game involving one of the big four sports.