5-Year-Old Hurt in Crash With Former Chiefs Assistant Coach Britt Reid Woke Up From Her Coma

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SJ - February 16, 2021

Ariel Young is awake from her coma, according to an update on her GoFundMe page.  The 5-year-old girl was injured in a crash with former Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid a few days before the Super Bowl.

Reid reportedly has admitted to having a few drinks and to taking Adderall prior to the crash.  An investigation into a possible DUI is ongoing.

From Yahoo Sports:

Ariel Young was hospitalized and in critical condition with bleeding and swelling in her brain earlier this month, and remained unconscious for more than a week. Her aunt shared on a GoFundMe page set up to help with medical bills that Young was awake.

More specific details about her condition are not yet known. Ariel’s 4-year-old cousin, Julianna, reportedly suffered a concussion and broken nose in the crash, too.

The fact that the little girl is awake is great news.  The possibility that the injuries she sustained could be with her for life isn't.

As for the younger Reid, his contract was not renewed and he is no longer a Chiefs assistant.


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