A Liquor Store Employee Broke the Patrick Mahomes Contract Extension News Before Adam Schefter

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SJ - July 7, 2020

Liquor store employee Katie Camlin tweeted out the news that Patrick Mahomes had likely signed an extension with the Chiefs about an hour and a half before ESPN's Adam Schefter "broke the news."

Katie would eventually delete the tweet because she thought the tweet would get her in trouble with her employers at Plaza Liquor in Kansas City.

Little did she know that she had beaten the pros to the news on a record setting deal.  On Tuesday Shefter himself slid into her DMs to congratulate her on beating him to the scoop.

Schefty also decided to take the opportunity to get her to feed him information the next time Chiefs executives stop by to celebrate a new deal.

She should have stiff armed the little weasel into the ground with a warning to stay off her territory.  Chiefs scoops belong to Katie now.


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