A Zamboni Catches Fire at a Local Hockey Rink in Rochester

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SJ - October 15, 2020

A video of a Zamboni on fire at a community college in Rochester, New York went viral on Wednesday night.  The fire appears to have started after a hose of some sort broke on the Zamboni.

Whoever was operating the Zamboni decided to drive it all the way across the ice in an attempt to get it off the ice before putting the fire out.

As you might imagine, a fire on an ice rink makes for a wild scene.

Fires of any kind at ice rinks has to be a very rare occasion.  Zamboni's catching on fire has to be even rarer.

But here it is.  It's perfect for 2020 when everything that can go wrong has.

Isn't it a much better life when you can blame everything on a year?  I wasn't really into until just now.  I can't wait to blame everything on 2021.  What a rush.