Aaron Gordon “Accidentally” Posted a Picture That Shows His Model Girlfriend’s Nipple

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SJ - October 15, 2020

Aaron Gordon didn't have to be hacked in order for a partially nude picture of his smoking hot girlfriend Izabela Guedes to hit the internet.  The Orlando Magic forward did that all on his own.

Gordon "accidentally" posted the picture of Guedes with her nipple in plain view along with a poor attempt to cover it up with an emoji.

The folks at Total Pro Sports fixed that for him (click on the pic to see the NSFW version).

If you're dating a hot model you're definitely going to be more than willing to share that fact, but you can probably do that without sharing her nipple, although I don't mind.

Some do.  Maybe take it down a notch or two Aaron.  We get it you're having a great time this off-season.


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