Aaron Rodgers Has Been Keeping an Eye on Israeli Runner and Model Maya Aviezer

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SJ - January 29, 2021

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers came up short on his many year pursuit of winning a second Super Bowl.  The Buccaneers went into Green Bay and handed him yet another postseason loss.

That doesn't take away from another incredible year of beating up on, and stacking records against, bad teams in the regular season.  He played with a renewed sense of joy for the game following his split from Danica Patrick.

A rumored relationship with Shailene Woodley never really materialized, making the 37-year-old quite the eligible bachelor.  An eligible bachelor in the days of social media.

That means keeping an eye on the best Instagram has to offer.  Rodgers has been keeping an eye Israeli Runner and Model Maya Aviezer.

Maya certainly seems to fit his "type."  It's not all that difficult to see why he would be following her and handing out likes.

What isn't as easy to figure out is which one of his wonky eyes is the one he's keeping an eye on her with.


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