Aaron Rodgers Responds to Fans Who Made Death Threats to Marquez Valdes-Scantling

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SJ - November 25, 2020

Packers wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling received death threats after his fumble in overtime led to Green Bay's loss to the Colts.  His quarterback Aaron Rodgers came to his defense and sent a message to the fans that made the death threats.

Rodgers put things in perspective for those fans by reminding them that it's just a game.

From Larry Brown Sports:

“I think we need some perspective in this time about production. Everybody wants to make these knee-jerk reactions to things and you forget about the facts — as the kids say these days, the big facts — that there’s a human element to this,” Rodgers said. “Anybody who is so distraught about this that they need to go to Twitter and talk about killing someone, I would suggest that you relax.

“It’s a game. We’re all trying our best. We’re trying to entertain you, but we’re also trying to do our best because we have a lot of pride in our performance. Nobody’s trying to do anything to f— up our season or your precious watching experience.”

There's an aspect to this I don't think Rodgers is factoring in.  He's approaching this like a normal fan is sending death threats.

The death threats are either coming from someone without a grip on reality or someone who just lost a shitload of money gambling on the game.

The worst part is when the guy without a grip on reality is the same guy who lost a shitload of money on the game.