Aaron Rodgers’ Rumored New Girlfriend Shailene Woodley Has Been Spotted in Green Bay Recently

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SJ - October 27, 2020

As the news of Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers' split came out so did the rumors that the Packers quarterback had moved on with actress Shailene Woodley.  That was back in July.

Fast forward to October, the NFL season is in full swing and Shailene has been spotted around Green Bay recently.  This according to some on social media.

Someone from Green Bay says they talked to Shailene earlier this month.

Another person claims that Shailene underwent a COVID screening recently so that she could attend a Packers' game.

You would think if she was hanging out in Green Bay that someone would have snapped a pic, but the Packers are at home this weekend.

It will be interesting to see if Shailene is spotted in Danica's old seat.


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