Adam Sandler Brings Back the Happy Gilmore Golf Swing After 25 Years

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SJ - February 17, 2021

Adam Sandler recognized the 25th anniversary of "Happy Gilmore" by bringing back the character's iconic swing.  In true Happy Gilmore fashion Sandler smoked the slapshot drive.

Sandler also gave a shout out to Shooter McGavin prior to sending the golf ball into orbit, "Let’s see what happens.  I’m scared.  Shooter McGavin, this is for you."

Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) responded to Sandler's shout out with a message of his own.

It sounds to me like it's time for the Happy Gilmore sequel.  We pickup with Gilmore on the senior tour.  Still kicking ass and taking names, but now with his own set of old balls.

That or make "Boner Dogs" already Sandler.


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