Adam Silver Explains His Soft Response to James Harden Breaking the NBA’s COVID-19 Protocols

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SJ - December 25, 2020

Do you want to know why James Harden blatantly ignored the NBA's COVID-19 protocols by going to a strip club maskless?  Because he knew the league and its commissioner didn't have the balls to punish him.

He was absolutely right.  Here's Adam Silver's incredibly soft explanation for not suspended Harden.

Oh, it's Christmas and Harden only went to the strip club, without a mask, days before the Rockets season opener one time.  Luckily for Harden the game was canceled due to contact tracing or he would have been docked one game's pay.

In other words the skeleton who gets run over by the players doesn't have any balls.  He wouldn't want to piss off one of the stars by disciplining him for not following the rules.

What a fucking joke.