Alex Smith Has Been Cleared to Return to Full Football Activity

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SJ - July 25, 2020

Washington Football Team (what a silly ass name) quarterback Alex Smith has been cleared to return to full football activity.  He will report to the team's facility on Monday to participate in training camp.

Some would say almost losing your leg to an injury would be a sign that your career might be over.  Not Alex Smith.  He's been working towards this goal for months in Hawaii.

From ESPN:

Washington quarterback Alex Smith, who suffered a devastating tibia and fibula fracture in 2018, has received clearance from his surgical team to return to full football activity.

Smith, who spoke to ESPN while filming an update for his E:60 documentary, "Project 11," is going through COVID-19 testing and expects to report Monday to the team's facility, where he will undergo a team physical.

Once there, the team is expected to determine the next steps for Smith's eventual participation in training camp.

That's incredible news.  Smith went from playing the game he loves to fighting to keep his leg and his life in a matter of a few days.  Now he's back.

Is it time for Dwayne Haskins to get nervous?  I think so.  Smith is definitely coming to get his starting job back.


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