Alvin Kamara Scored 6 Touchdowns on Christmas

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SJ - December 26, 2020

Saints running back Alvin Kamara had himself a day on Christmas.  He ran all over the Vikings and tied an NFL record with six rushing touchdowns during New Orleans' 52-33 victory.

The most insane part of Kamara's huge game might be the fact that he could have had seven touchdowns.  Sean Payton opted to give Taysom Hill the ball instead of his star running back.

Kamara didn't just tie an NFL record, he ended the Vikings season and won the championship game for a bunch of fantasy football owners.

The Saints are dragging Drew Brees' old, broken ass to the playoffs.  Unfortunately they will end up taking another heartbreaking loss in the playoffs.

I mean unfortunately for them.  Everyone else will get to enjoy another wasted Saints season.