Antonio Brown Announces His Retirement Again

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SJ - July 20, 2020

Here we go again...  A full blown meltdown might be on the way.

Free agent receiver Antonio Brown, who was just "ramping up" his workouts ahead of NFL training camps, appears to have taken to Twitter to announce his retirement.  This isn't the first time he's pulled this move and something tells me this won't be the last time he calls it quits.

The Seahawks and the Texans were both rumored to be possible landing spots for the troubled star.  The lack of movement towards signing with a team has likely frustrated him again.

AB has nobody to blame but himself.  He ruined a good thing in Pittsburgh, lost his mind in Oakland, then couldn't control himself enough to remain in New England.

Sure the NFL hasn't done him any favors by dragging their feet on a punishment for his off the field issues, but it's all AB's fault.  If you don't have any off the field issues, you don't have to worry about the league dragging their feet.


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