Aroldis Chapman Might Have Shit His Pants on the Mound

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SJ - September 13, 2020

Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman pitched a scoreless 9th inning on Saturday and recorded two strikeouts in the process.  He also might have recorded some shit in his pants.

During the 9th inning manager Aaron Boone went to the mound to check on Chapman.  They all had a laugh on the mound and Boone addressed the mound visit after the game.

Boone had this to say about the visit, "mother nature calls sometimes."

Mother nature?  Given how Chapman was moving prior to the visit it would appear as if he had a little unexpected guest in his underwear.

Chapman finished the inning to keep the game tied and the Yankees won the game in the 10th, their fourth straight.

I always say it but I'll say it again, nothing keeps you focused like a little shit in your pants.