As If 2020 Couldn’t Get Any Worse, the Infamous “Collinsworth Slide” Has Been Put on Hold

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SJ - September 3, 2020

Al Michaels revealed on a Sunday Night Football conference call that they will be practicing social distancing in the booth this season.  As a result Cris Collinsworth's infamous "Collinsworth Slide" has been put on hold.

In addition to his partner's signature move being put on hold, Michaels will also have some "bye weeks" during the season to minimize his travel.  Mike Tirico is expected to fill in at least one of those weeks.

It's devastating news for fans looking forward to the Collinsworth Slide on Sunday nights.  But if we have to do without the slide for a little while in order to have football then so be it.

For now videos like this will have to do...