Atlanta Nightclubs Are Preparing for NBA All-Star Weekend Parties Despite Adam Silver’s Claims That There Won’t Be Any

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SJ - February 19, 2021

The NBA has decided to go forward with their plans to have an All-Star game this year despite concerns surrounding the pandemic.  The game will take place on March 7th in Atlanta.

According to NBA commisioner Adam Silver, there won't be the normal social activities that accompany the NBA's All-Star weekend.

The nightclubs in Atlanta are telling a much different story.  There are plenty of events being planned around the city.  They might not be sanctioned by the league, but it looks like they're going to happen anyway.

There's no real reason for the NBA to not have the All-Star game this season.  They're either back to business or they're not.

The players are at virtually no risk of serious complications if they contract the virus and the league isn't responsible for the behavior of adults either.

If adults weigh the risks and decide to attend parties at nightclubs during the NBA All-Star weekend that's on those adults.  Being back to business means there's an All-Star game.


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