Austin Rivers Pissed Off His Model Girlfriend by Hooping on His Day Off

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SJ - January 6, 2021

Austin Rivers spent part of his day off shooting hoops and his model girlfriend Audreyana Michelle was not happy about it.  The Knicks guard recorded the moment he told her he was going to hoop.

Audreyana had the perfect "don't you want to spend your day off with me" response.  It would have worked on most men, but Austin Rivers isn't most men and his ass went to the gym.

You have to hand it to Austin, the dude is dedicated to his game.  The Knicks haven't had these kinds of guys on their roster in a long time.

Austin's a much better man than I am, because my ass would have been staying home with my model girlfriend.  That's why he's in the NBA and I'm in a closet blogging.