Benches Clear in Oakland After Athletics’ OF Ramon Laureano Charges the Astros Dugout

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SJ - August 9, 2020

A wild scene in Oakland took place on Sunday after Athletics' outfielder Ramon Laureano was hit with a pitch delivered by Houston Astros pitcher Humberto Castellanos.  It was the second time Laureano was hit with a pitch and he wasn't happy about it.

As Laureano made his way to first base he had a discussion with Castellanos and the Astros catcher.  Once he made it to first he started a back and forth with Houston's dugout.

Something was said that Laureano didn't like and he charged the dugout ready throw hands.  Both teams said to hell will the pandemic and the benches cleared.

In the second video you get to see all you need to know about the Houston Astros.  The guy doing all of the talking stayed in the back when it was time to settle things with the hands.

This is why everyone hates them.  This and the cheating to win a World Series.