Benches Cleared in Houston After Dodgers Pitcher Joe Kelly Threw Behind Two Astros Hitters

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SJ - July 29, 2020

Things got wild in Houston last night after Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly went after the cheating Houston Astros.  The benches cleared after the Dodgers reliever threw two pitches behind Astros hitters Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa.

Kelly then mocked Correa by making references to the cheating scandal after he struck him out swinging.  The cheating Astros weren't too happy about that and the two teams discussed matters socially distantly.

According to Astros manager Dusty Baker, what really upset his team was Kelly saying "nice swing, bitch" after he struck Correa out.

What Kelly actually said was "nice swing, bitch.  You gotta cheat to hit."

Who knew Joe Kelly was going to be baseball's hero?  Here he is snapping us all back to pre-pandemic baseball.

Kelly had an absolutely legendary night during the 5-2 Dodgers win.