Biden’s Administration Reportedly Asked MLB to Delay the Start of the Season

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SJ - February 5, 2021

In a very bizarre move President Biden's administration attempted to get Major League Baseball to push back their season by a month.  Members of the administration met with MLB owners, who also want the season pushed back.

The reason for the delay?  Vaccines.  According to the reports another vaccine will be ready by then to give the players.  The players don't want anything to do with a delayed start and as of right now, the season will start on time.

From NY Post:

According to The Athletic, members of President Biden’s administration recently told owners they would like the season pushed back a month so players could get vaccinated by then.

However, the Players Association opted out of that discussion, not wanting to be pressured into a delay. Barring a COVID-19-outbreak, the season will start on time after the union rejected MLB’s proposal for a 154-game season that starts late. The union has scheduled a later call with government officials without MLB’s involvement.

You would think the Biden administration has more important things to worry about than the start of the MLB season.  Players are at zero risk of dying from COVID and other professional leagues have started on time without major issues.

What a bizarre move...


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