Bill Belichick Isn’t Having Any of the Media’s Stupid Talk Radio Questions

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SJ - October 30, 2020

During his meeting with the media on Friday, Bill Belichick was asked if a loss on Sunday would make the Patriots sellers at the trade deadline.  He wasn't having any part of the "talk radio" line of questioning.

Belichick shut the question down in vintage sarcastic Belichick style, "I guess I'll just put it nicely and pass on the opportunity to get involved in talk radio."

Belichick is certainly in unfamiliar territory as far as his time in New England is concerned.  Tom Brady leaving, his defense opting out and a 2-4 start have put him in a tough spot.

All of that doesn't mean he's not going to punk the media whenever the opportunity presents itself.  You have to love him for that.