Braves’ Organist Trolls Blue Jays Catcher Reese McGuire by Playing “Beat It”

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SJ - August 7, 2020

Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire thought he had avoided facing the music for his masturbation arrest earlier this year because he's playing in empty stadiums.  He probably didn't think that opposing organists would get in on trolling him.

That's exactly what happened in Atlanta last night when the Braves' organist trolled McGuire by playing "Beat It" as he stepped up to the plate.

This is fantastic.  McGuire probably isn't a fan of it, but I sure as shit am.

It's one of those things in sports that we all love.  We all get to come together and bond over pointing out and laughing at someone else's mistakes.

Is there anything better than that?