Brooks Koepka Celebrated the Fourth With a Handful of His Model Girlfriend’s Butt

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SJ - July 6, 2020

Golfer Brooks Koepka decided to take the fourth of July weekend off and spend it with his model girlfriend Jena Sims.  That was a really good decision.

Keopka was able to celebrate freedom with a handful of Sims' butt.

The couple shared some pictures of themselves celebrating and the pictures told two different stories.


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Freedom for the win🇺🇸

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Better luck next year, Blake! 💋 #YoureMyBOTY suit: @revolve @itsnbd

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If you don't have a butt to grab to celebrate a holiday then you're doing things wrboots.

Everyone knows, or at least I thought they did, that the fourth of July is best celebrated with a handful of booty.


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