Bryce Harper Gets Hit With a Pitch On His Padded Hand, Acts Like He Was Shot With a Rifle

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SJ - August 10, 2020

Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper was hit with an 87 MPH fastball during Monday night's game against the Atlanta Braves.  He dropped to the ground, rolled around and more importantly got to flip his hair.

Things looked bad for a minute.  Was Harper hit in the hand?  Did he just break his hand?  Is his season over?

A lot of worry in Philly.  Until you look at his hand and there's a pad.  A replay of the pitch shows the ball hitting the pad.

So why was he rolling around like he was shot with a rifle?

Of course he was staying in the game.  Not only was it just an 87 MPH pitch, it hit a fucking pad.

Sure it's been a while since I was hit with a pitch, and I never wore any padding, but I'm pretty sure the padding absorbs most of the contact.

So again, why was Harper rolling around on the ground?