Bryce Harper Showed Up for the Phillies Season Opener in a Phillie Phanatic Themed Suit

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SJ - July 24, 2020

Phillies star Bryce Harper showed up to the season opener with a Phillie Phanatic themed suit on.  The green suit was lined with pictures of the Phanatic.

It's a bold and confident look for a guy who signed a huge contract last off-season only to miss out on the playoffs.  I don't hate the suit, just the guy wearing it.

This is who Bryce Harper is.  All show, a ton of meaningless bombs and consistently falling short of expectations.

Maybe a pandemic shortened season is what he needs to play in the postseason.  We shall see.

Something tells me that even if the Phillies make it to the postseason, Mr. Phillie Phanatic suit will be a no show.


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