Cam Newton Says Signing With the Patriots is About Respect Not Money

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SJ - July 2, 2020

On Thursday the breakdown of Cam Newton's new contract with the Patriots was revealed.  What stood out was just how little guaranteed money his one-year, max $7.5 million deal has included.

In fact the list of quarterbacks who will earn more guaranteed money in 2020 is absolutely ridiculous.

None of that seems to matter to Cam.  He responded in his annoying font to the low guaranteed money with a post of his own saying it's about respect and not money to him.

A disrespected, hungry Cam, coming off of an injury will be a dangerous combination for the rest of the league to deal with.  Cam at 75% is better than a long list of guys in the league.  I can't wait to see him Superman-ing all over New England.

The real fun will be to see if he can get a smile on Bill Belichick's face.


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