Charles Barkley Called Shaq a “Karen” on Inside the NBA

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SJ - August 14, 2020

Charles Barkley and Shaq were doing their normal award winning arguing on "Inside the NBA" when a "Karen" insult made its debut on the show.

Following one of many arguments between the two former NBA stars, Barkley told Shaq that he better quit yelling at him then called him "Karen."

"You better quit yelling at me, Karen."

Nobody in their right mind wants to be a Karen.  Shaq sure as hell didn't want that label placed on him.

The most surprising part of the insult might be that Barkley even knew about Karens.  He's famously not on social media.

I'm glad he does.  Hopefully Karens become Barkley's new enemy, like the big women in San Antonio.