Clemson-Florida State Postponed Three Hours Before Kickoff After Clemson Player Tests Positive

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SJ - November 21, 2020

The Clemson and Florida State game was postponed on Saturday morning just three hours before kickoff.  According to the ACC, the medical personnel for the two teams were unable to "mutually agree on moving forward with the game."

The reason the medical personnel couldn't come to an agreement was because a Clemson backup offensive lineman tested positive for COVID-19.  The player traveled with the team as they didn't find out about the positive test until after Clemson landed in Tallahassee.

Florida State medical officials weren’t comfortable playing with the potential spread.

Not comfortable playing one of the most violent games in the world because of a virus that won't do anything to any of the players and isn't shown to be spread during games?  It might be time to get some new medical personnel.