Clippers Guard Lou Williams Hit Up the Strip Club After Leaving the NBA’s Disney Bubble

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SJ - July 24, 2020

Guard Lou Williams was one of several Clippers players to recently leave the NBA's Disney Bubble to attend to family matters.  The family matter Lou revealed on Friday was the death of his grandfather.

But first Williams hit up the strip club with rapper Jack Harlow on Thursday night.

Harlow posted a picture with Williams at the strip club before quickly deleting it and lying about when the picture was taken.

It looks like Williams did have a legit reason to leave the bubble, but hitting up the strip club during a pandemic, while his teammates are in the bubble is never going to be a good look.

I get it.  You have to take those strip club trips when you get the chance.  It could be months before he gets another opportunity, but when you get caught you have to own up to it.

I'm sure the Clippers will have a talk with him.  Lou needs to pick smarter friends.


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