Cody Bellinger Addresses His Stoned Look “I’m Not High That’s Just How My Face Looks”

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SJ - October 30, 2020

Cody Bellinger and Clayton Kershaw went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to talk about ending the Dodgers 32 year World Series drought.

They also poked fun at the cheating Houston Astros during their appearance and settled the question everyone wanted to know the answer to.

Is Cody Bellinger high?

According to the Dodgers star outfielder, he's not high during games.  He explained that it's just his look, "I'm not high that's just how my face looks."

I'm sure as hell not buying his answer.  Cody gave the ultimate high guy answer, "I swear I'm not high my face just looks like this officer."

Whatever he's doing he's doing it right because he landed himself a model.