Cody Bellinger’s Rumored Girlfriend Chase Carter Shares Her Topless Just Out of the Shower Look

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SJ - August 17, 2020

Los Angeles Dodgers star Cody Bellinger is off to a very slow start and he doesn't look at all like the reigning National League MVP.  Could new love be to blame?

I have no idea, but if fans can link it to that at all they will.

Bellinger's rumored girlfriend Chase Carter on the other hand is on a hot streak.  Over the weekend she shared a topless, no makeup, hair still wet "just out of the shower look."

What a look it is.  I don't know if it will help Cody get back to his MVP ways, but it will certainly get his blood flowing.

A well timed topless picture could be the key to busting his slump.  It's worth a shot anyway.

If you're Chase, you don't want to be blamed for his struggles.  If Cody ends up getting hurt then fans can definitely blame her.