Cubs Pitcher Has Surgery Following an Injury Washing Dishes

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SJ - July 3, 2020

Add this injury to the extremely long list of ridiculous baseball injuries.

Cubs lefthander Jose Quintana injured the thumb on his throwing hand last weekend washing dishes.  That's right a professional baseball player couldn't wash the dishes without hurting himself.

From Bleacher Report:

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jose Quintana suffered a thumb injury on his left pitching hand while washing dishes at his Miami home Saturday.

Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday that Quintana underwent surgery and should be ready to resume his throwing program in two weeks ahead of the 2020 MLB season.

If I was an owner these types of injuries would drive me nuts.  I would seriously be questioning why I was paying a man who can't wash his dishes without hurting himself

Unfortunately I might be left parting ways with a lot of players if that was the case.


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