Devin Booker Made the Trip With Kendall Jenner to the Private Island for Kim’s 40th Birthday

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SJ - October 27, 2020

Kim Kardashian surprised her "closest inner circle" with a trip to a private island for her 40th birthday.  A special congratulations need to go out to both Tristan Thompson and Devin Booker for making the cut.

Tristan makes sense, I mean he does have a kid with one of the Kardashians after all, but Devin is just dating Kendall.  The Suns star must have made quite the impression on the Kardashian klan.

Check out Devin in the background of one of Kim's pictures and taking a romantic bike ride with Kendall, who posted the video on her story.


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It wouldn't be a proper Kardashian event without multiple NBA players in attendance would it?  Maybe we'll get a sex tape or two from the trip.


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