Dick Vermeil Said the Texans Need to Change Deshaun Watson’s Diapers

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SJ - January 14, 2021

Grandpa Dick Vermeil went in on star quarterback Deshaun Watson over reports that he's unhappy with Texans organization (he looked pretty happy here).  His unhappiness stems from the hiring of new GM Nick Caserio.

Watson was reportedly told by the front office that he would have input on the hiring of the team's new head coach and general manager.  That didn't happen with the Caserio hiring.

Vermeil has thoughts on the entire situation.  His fix is for Watson to stop being a baby and for the Texans to "change his diapers."

From TMZ Sports:

"I think they change his diapers, OK?" Vermeil says of how the Texans should handle the situation going forward with Watson.

"Nowhere in his contract does it say that he's involved in making the decisions of who coaches or who leads the organization."

The 84-year-old Vermeil continued, "He's a great NFL football player and always has been a great kid, but I think he just shuts his mouth and becomes a better football player and lead the football team and let the leaders of the organization lead him."

They sure as shit don't make them like Dick Vermeil anymore.  In theory that's a good idea.  I mean nobody wants dirty diapers, but it's never going to happen.

If the Texans don't start kissing his ass Watson will force his way out of Houston.  It's not as easy to do in the NFL, but it certainly can be done.