Did Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend Post a Picture of Herself in His Vikings Hoodie?

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SJ - December 18, 2020

Our source certainly thinks so...By the way you can always hit us up in our DMs with any tips.

According to our source, Mike Zimmer's rumored girlfriend Katarina Elizabeth Miketin posted a picture of herself last week on her Instagram story in a Vikings hoodie.  They believe hoodie belongs to Zimmer.

It's hard to tell if it is actually Zimmer's hoodie or not.  It's not like it's going to have his name on it and he doesn't mark his property by cutting off the sleeves like Bill Belichick.

That being said, the hoodie does appear to be a little big on her.  I'd also love to believe that she decided to drop a hint about her rumored relationship on her Instagram story.

I'm with our source on this one.  It certainly looks like she is rocking Zimmer's hoodie in this picture.