Did the NFL Network Suspend Reporter Ian Rapoport Over a Manscaped Ad?

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SJ - October 10, 2020

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has been suspended by the NFL Network until October 22nd.  According to his statement, Rapoport posted something on social media without receiving clearance from NFL Network.

So what did Rapoport post on social media without clearance from the NFL Network?  The likely answer is a Manscaped Ad.

From Larry Brown Sports:

Jane Slater, one of Rapoport’s colleagues at NFL Media, deleted a tweet Friday that explains things.

In her deleted tweet, Slater seemed to shed light on the suspension.

It turns out you can't talk about shaving your balls if you work for the NFL Network.

If anyone from Manscaped is reading this, we here at Egotastic Sports can and are encouraged to talk about shaving our balls, just saying (DMs are open).

Unfortunately we'll be without Rapoport for a few days.  On a positive note he now has plenty of time to shave his balls.


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