Dodgers’ Chris Taylor Ran Face-First Into Giants’ First Baseman Pablo Sandoval’s Ass

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SJ - July 25, 2020

The Dodgers and Giants got together in Los Angeles on Friday night for their second game of the season.  It ended much like the first one did with the Dodgers taking home the win.

There was a little more comedy than the first game when Dodgers utility player Chris Taylor ran face-first into Giants first baseman Pablo Sandoval's ass.

The comedy all started with an airmail throw to first base.  The terrible throw prompted Sandoval to make an attempt to fly.  He wasn’t anywhere close to the ball when Taylor had an unfortunate meeting with his cheeks.

This comedy was very close to becoming a tragedy.  Taylor's momentum was able to carry him just out of harm's way as Sandoval fell to the earth.

We might be talking about a broken face due to an accidental butt bomb right now if Taylor wasn't able to avoid tragedy.  As it is, we just have a classic running into an ass with one's face.

I'm so glad sports is back.


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