Dodgers Fan Gets Knocked Out Falling Off a Jeep Celebrating the World Series Victory

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SJ - October 29, 2020

Dodgers fans took to the streets on Tuesday night to celebrate their team's first World Series victory since 1988.  There were fireworks and looting and everything in between, including at least one fan getting knocked out cold.

The fan climbed on top of a jeep to take her celebration to another level.  Unfortunately for the fan things didn't work out for her.

As the jeep took off she fell off the top and slammed her head on the concrete.

Life can quickly take a turn for the worse.  One minute she's celebrating, the next she's suffering a head injury.

Had she been wearing her mandatory bubble as her overlords had instructed she might have bounced right off the pavement.  As it is she'll be spending some time in the concussion protocol.


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