Drew Brees and His Wife Brittany Share an Emotional Moment on the Field After Saints Loss

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SJ - January 18, 2021

Reports prior to the Buccaneers-Saints playoff game on Sunday said it was Drew Brees' final game at the Superdome.  Win or lose he was going to retire after the season and would never play another game in the place the Saints call home.

Brees' actions following the loss to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers seemed to confirm those reports.  He and his family spent an extended amount of time on the field after the game.

Before leaving the field for the last time in his career Drew and his wife Brittany shared an emotional moment.

Oh the drama.  It's almost as if Sunday was written for a really bad movie or something.

I'm glad he lost, I'm glad his career is over and I'm glad he was able to create this moment for all of the Big Js who cried themselves to sleep after they watched it.


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