DT Steve McLendon Immediately Drove to Tampa After the Jets Traded Him to the Buccaneers

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SJ - October 19, 2020

The Jets got destroyed by the Dolphins on Sunday in Miami 24-0.  They're now 0-6 and in full tank mode.

They cut running back Le'Veon Bell last week and parted ways with another player following the loss.  They traded defensive tackle Steve McLendon to the Buccaneers.

McLendon couldn't wait to get leave the dysfunctional Jets.  Instead of flying back to New York he got in a car and drove from Miami to Tampa Bay.

This is a great fucking move.  The classic "I'll send for my things or not."  I love everything about it.

McLendon has to be fully aroused by the thoughts of joining the 4-2 Bucs after starting the season without a win.  Time to wash the Jets stank off.


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