Dwayne Haskins Has Signed With the Pittsburgh Steelers

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SJ - January 21, 2021

Who saw this coming?  Former first-round pick Dwayne Haskins did just about everything wrong in Washington and was still able to find a new home prior to the start of the off-season.

On Thursday afternoon the Pittsburgh Steelers signed the former Ohio State star quarterback.  They must not have gotten the memo on Buckeyes QBs.

I'm truly shocked by this.  Not by the fact that Haskins signed with a team, but by how quickly it happened.  He was just sent packing for shitting all over the COVID-19 protocols at a strip club.

Add this to the fact that he couldn't hold off a quarterback on one leg and Kyle Allen from taking his job and it's truly a surprising signing.

I thought Haskins would eventually pop up on a practice squad somewhere next season.


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