Egotastic Sports Hottie of the Day: Catie Whalen

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SJ - September 14, 2020

Meet Egotastic Sports Hottie of the Day Catie Whalen. Catie is a well rounded dancer, model and artist! She started dancing at 2 years old and grew up wishing to pursue her dreams in dance. Today Catie is grateful to say, she is a professional dancer and model, signed in NYC! Her favorite jobs to date would be a Madonna Music Video, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and a Micheal Kors Ad Campaign!

One of the most unique jobs for Catie was performing as live art interpreting Picasso & Monet’s original artwork, shown at Sotheby’s in NYC! Catie strives to further her career and always reminds herself to always be grateful. She currently enjoys making Tiktoks and Reels on social media platforms!

Fun fact, Catie is a major foodie. Be sure to also follow Catie's foodie page and art pages!! She's into many different things and is an aspiring entrepreneur.

Get to know a little more about Catie below:

Here are her accounts to follow: @catiesartwork @caties.customs @catiescloset20 @slimthickfoodie_ @chef.slimthick

IG: @catie.whalen

TikTok: @catiewhalen

You can also follow her on @byte_app

1. Favorite food: burger

2. Favorite sport: football

3. Favorite team: Vikings

4. Favorite TV Show/Movie: Gossip Girl

5. Celebrity/athlete crush: Tom Hardy