Egotastic Sports Hottie of the Day: Nicole Lynn

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SJ - September 22, 2020

Meet Egotastic Sports Hottie of the Day Nicole Lynn.  Nicole aka moparmodel has been an athlete most of her life.  Her dad made sure she always had a bike that fit her and took her to cool bike trails and made her into a badass cyclist.  She started dance at age 3 and began high jumping in elementary school.  She was on the track team in high school and college and was a dance major at SRU.

In college she started competing in triathlons.  Now she sticks mainly to bike races.  She is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and dance teacher.  You can find her teaching a variety of classes in the morning (spinning, bootcamp, trx, etc), training clients in the afternoon and teaching dance in the evenings.  Currently she is training for King of the Mountain, a 5 mile uphill time trial on her road bike.

Nicole is a die hard Steeler fan and is a self proclaimed cheerleader since they don't have cheerleaders formally.  She enjoys hiking, canoeing, camping, fishing and biking with her family. Needless to say, Nicole is always on the go!

Get to know a little more about Nicole below:

IG: moparmodel_official

1. Favorite food? Mexican. Specifically jalapeños

2. Favorite sport? I love cycling. I'm training for a hill climb bike race. King of the Mountain

3. Favorite team? Pittsburgh Steelers

4. Favorite TV Show/Movie? This is Us/Dumb and Dumber

5. Celebrity/athlete crush? Channing Tatum. That man can dance 😊


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