Eminem Trashes Drew Brees in New Song

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SJ - July 10, 2020

Saints quarterback Drew Brees caused a lot of drama this off-season by refusing to support kneeling for the National Anthem.  He's since apologized for his comments, but that isn't good enough for some.

That includes rapper Eminem, who dissed the NFL star on the new Kid Cudi track called "The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady."

"Got a lil’ green (Yeah), but I don’t do weed (Nope)/Purp nor lean (Nah), that’s Tunechi (Yeah)/That’s New Orleans (Yeah), fuck Drew Brees (Yeah)."

Brees can expect a lot more hate to come his way.  His teammates might have forgiven him, but the rest of the world hasn't.

You know an aging white rapper isn't going to cut him any slack or let him express his own thoughts and beliefs.  Not in 2020.


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