Eric Ebron Blames Lack of Production in Detroit on Matthew Stafford

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SJ - July 22, 2020

Steelers tight end Eric Ebron is mixing it up on Twitter with Lions fans after it was revealed that he liked a tweet that blamed his lack of production in Detroit on quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The Lions offense might be more to blame than Stafford is.  He's certainly had a ton of success with many receivers in Detroit.  With that said, Ebron did have a breakout season in his first season with the Colts.

Ebron found the end zone 13 times in his first season out of Detroit.  But he didn't let his numbers speak for themselves.  He took a couple of shots at Lions fans.

I love everything about this.  The fact that Lions fans are worried about former tight ends liking tweets explains a lot about what has been going on there for many years.

Ebron firing back and trashing Lions fans is a thing of beauty.  Social media is a special place.


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