ESPN Has Suspended Adrian Wojnarowski for His Email Response to Republican Senator Josh Hawley

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SJ - July 12, 2020

ESPN has suspended NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski for his "Fuck you" email to Republican senator Josh Hawley.

The length of the suspension isn't known and is being held close to the vest by The Worldwide Leader in Sports.

From Outkick:

Adrian Wojnarowski has been suspended by ESPN for sending “fuck you” in response to an email from Missouri senator Josh Hawley about the NBA and China, sources tell Outkick. At press time, we were unable to determine the length of the suspension for the NBA insider as it’s being held close to the vest.

Does this mean more Brian Windhorst while Woj is suspended?  Because if it does a suspension for Woj might not be necessary.

I don't agree with Woj's email, although it is very entertaining.  But I also don't agree with punishing the viewers with more Brian Windhorst.

Nobody deserves more Brian Windhorst.  Do the right thing ESPN and don't make us suffer for too long.


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