ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Dropped an F-Bomb on a Republican Senator

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SJ - July 10, 2020

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski landed himself in some trouble on Friday.  It was revealed that he dropped an F-bomb on a Republican senator via email.

Missouri Republican senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver asking him about the NBA's approved list of social justice messages for jerseys.

The senator wanted to know why the terms "Support our troops," "Back the blue" and "Free Hong Kong" weren't included.

Hawley sent an email to reporters as well asking about the social justice messages.  He received a two-word response from NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski.  His response was "Fuck you."

That wasn't a very professional response from Woj, who is known more for his breaking of NBA news than he is for his F-bombs on senators.

Woj issued an apology and ESPN released a statement on the matter.

I guess politics breaks the sturdiest of brains.  The senator was hoping for such a response and got one from an unlikely source.

I'd love to hear the NBA and its players speak out for Hong Kong, but that's never going to happen.


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