ESPN’s Maria Taylor Responds to Radio Host for Comparing Her Outfit to the Host of an Adult Awards Show

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SJ - September 15, 2020

On Monday night during the Steelers and Giants game, Chicago area radio host Dan McNeil sent out a now deleted tweet commenting on outfit being worn by ESPN's Maria Taylor.  In the tweet he compared Taylor's outfit to that of a host for the AVN annual awards.

"NFL sideline reporter or a host for the AVN annual awards presentation?"

Taylor caught wind of McNeil's comments about her outfit and sarcastically invited him to bring his misogyny to the NBA Countdown doubleheader she'll be hosting.

Now I wasn't exactly familiar with what is worn at the AVN annual awards so I had to do a little research, earning that J.  I can confidently say that based on my research Maria's outfit from Monday night isn't close to what is worn at the AVN awards.